Quality Improvement Programme (QIP)

The faculty development activities under AICTE that are funded by the Ministry of Human Resources Development are geared to ensure quality, relevance, excellence and equity in technical education by supporting activities under the QIP Scheme. Deputation to the academic programmes (M.Tech. and Ph.D) of the institute facilitates the career development of faculty members of AICTE-approved technical institutions in the country.

General Information:

  • The major QIP Centres at IITs and IISc offer admission to Ph.D degree programmes in several disciplines. In addition, institutes recognized as the minor QIP Centres also offer admission to Ph.D degree programmes under QIP in some specific departments.
  • Prior to regular admission to the Ph.D programme at a QIP Centre, a candidate is required to join a pre-Ph.D contact programme. The duration of the pre-Ph.D program is 60days (Advance Admission Scheme) and that of the regular Ph.D degree Program is 3 years.
  • Candidate should visit the website qip.iitd.ac.in/qipadm2017/ for submitting his/her online application, updated information is also availlable in the same website related to receipt of completed applications, candidates called for interview and selected list of candidates.

Since the inception of the programme till 2016–2017, 531 faculty members from other institutions have obtained Ph.D degrees and 606 faculty members have obtained M.Tech. degrees.