Web Enabled M.Tech Programs for Industries

IIT Madras has been actively interacting with leading industries through R & D, consultancy projects and continuing education programs. Several projects have been undertaken towards the development of products and processes. The institute has also been successfully running User Oriented M.Tech Programs for professionals from industries. Based on the approval and the guidelines of the Senate and the needs of Industries, IIT Madras has come up with Web Enabled M.Tech programs which can be attended by candidates from their places of work in the evenings. These programs are designed and conducted so as to offer adequate opportunity for student teacher interaction. Post-class interaction is facilitated by effective course management systems. Candidates have to take approved core courses in addition to elective courses, laboratory courses and projects as per the curriculum of the program concerned. They can complete the entire M.Tech program at their own pace. On completion of each course in a program, a certificate will be awarded. On finishing the required credits in different categories, the candidate will be eligible for an M.Tech degree. Academic rigour and attendance requirements for this program are the same as those for other M.Tech programmes of the institute.

Seven programs jointly worked out with industries by the concerned departments have been approved by the Senate. The details are given below. The first batch of students joined the M.Tech (Automotive Technology), M.Tech (Communication Systems Engineering) and M.Tech (VLSI) in 2017. In the above three programs the second batch of students have also been admitted. Another Web Enabled M.Tech Program namely M.Tech (Information Security) was started by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2018. A total of 226 students have enrolled for all the above programs. M/s Mahindra and Mahindra, Robert Bosch India, Sundaram Clayton Ltd., TAFE Ltd., FCA Engineering India Pvt Ltd., Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., TVS Motors Ltd., Qualcomm Ltd., Bharat Electronics Ltd., Signal Chip Ltd., Sankalp Ltd. and BNY Mellon Ltd are participating in these programs. The companies have to sign an MOU with IIT Madras for participating in these programs.

Only candidates who are sponsored by the industries can apply. No candidate can pay the fees on his own; only the company concerned can pay the fees for a student. Candidates have to attend courses in the evenings in any company approved location where adequate video conferencing facilities and internet connectivity speed is ensured. Depending on the curriculum candidates have to be physically present in IIT Madras for laboratory exercises and project evaluation. The exams will be conducted and supervised by personnel authorized by IIT Madras in the companies or at IIT Madras itself. The project work can be done in IIT Madras under the guidance of a faculty member or in the company by a recognized mentor from the company itself. In all cases the project work will be periodically evaluated by an appointed committee consisting of faculty members from IIT Madras in order to ensure quality and quantum of work needed for the award of the M.Tech degree.   The minimum number of candidates needed to run a program is 30 (totally from all companies participating in that program).   

Department / Faculty members desirous of initiating WEB Enabled M.Tech program for Industires can contact Chairman, CCE.

Interested organization may contact CCE Office. Contact No: 044-2257 4900/4904, Email: cceoffice@iitm.ac.in

The following table provides details of the programs that are running and also the programs that are to be commenced. Details of the ongoing programs can be had by clicking on their title.

Senate Approved Web Enabled Programmes:

S No. Department Title Status
1. Mechanical Engineering Automotive Technology Currently running
2. Electrical Engineering Master’s in Communications Systems Engineering Currently running
3. Electrical Engineering Master’s in VLSI Currently running
4. Computer Science & Engineering M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Information Security Currently running
5. Aerospace Engineering Mathematical Methods for Aerospace Engineers To be commenced shortly
6. Aerospace Engineering Aero Dynamics & Aircraft Performance To be commenced shortly
7. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Industrial Metallurgy To be commenced shortly

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